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Wilda Machinery Trading Sdn Bhd, a Malaysia based company, provides sales and services of all brands of machineries, water pumps, power tools, and equipments for construction sector as well as the use of end users. Our office, showroom and service centre are currently located in Jalan Loke Yew, Kuala Lumpur.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to offer a one stop solutions and help our customers to achieve 3Gs aim. 3Gs mean Good Price, Good Quality and Good Services. We understand that technology is a key component in running a successful business and Wilda Machinery Trading aims to provide the best solution at a competitive price while providing fast response thus ensuring customers satisfaction. Our goal is to be the market leader in the machinery business in Malaysia.

Development & Status
The company was incorporated in 1985. It was founded by Mr Lum Woh Lee to provide one stop solutions for customers in the construction, commercial and industry sectors.

In addition to providing its customers with ready made machine, Wilda Machinery Trading Sdn Bhd also helps its customers to modify their machine in order to adopt to some specific usages. Wilda Machinery Trading Sdn Bhd believes that its success comes from helping its customers to achieve success in their businesses.

Wilda Machinery Trading Sdn Bhd is currently providing sales, maintenance and after sales services to their customers. Meanwhile, Wilda Machinery Trading Sdn Bhd also developed another line of product-Mist Fan. This product was developed using America technology, by Wilda Machinery Technical R & D Team which leads by its managing director. This product gets well response not only local market but also in other countries.

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